Progetto Forme

“Principi delle Orobie” Cheeses

These are exceptional cheeses that have an essential link with the Bergamo area. They are produced by one of the following seven businesses: azienda agrituristica Ferdy Quarteroni di Lenna (Bergamo), Casarrigoni di Taleggio (Bergamo), Latteria Sociale di Branzi (Bergamo), Latteria Sociale di Valtorta (Bergamo), società agricola Guglielmo Locatelli di Vedeseta (Bergamo), cooperativa Sant’Antonio di Vedeseta (Bergamo) and società Bitto Trading di Gerola Alta (Sondrio).

The “Associazione Formaggi Principi delle Orobie” (FPO), the Association of Principe delle Orobie Cheeses, was established in 2015 after being incubated at the San Matteo di Branzi expo and in the wake of the implementation of tangible shared initiatives geared towards promoting the FPO cheeses and the local area. The association is structured as a network of companies open to all producers. It represents seven time-honoured cheeses that have been verifiably produced for a great many years in the provinces of Bergamo, Sondrio and Lecco in the Orobie area, a part of Italy characterised by a dense, diversified presence of prestigious technologies and cheesemaking cultures that have made a decisive contribution to the birth of the modern Lombard and wider Italian cheesemaking industry. The main purpose of the association is not so much commercial promotion as it is highlighting the cultural, environmental and human resources of the Orobie – in other words, of that heritage that underpins the vital agricultural, pastoral and cheesemaking traditions of which the FPOs are an expression. This requires close collaboration with the main players in the tourist industry and the local associations operating in the cultural and other fields.