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Cheese Forum

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21st November 2020 at 11.00 am

The milk roads

speaker Roberta Garibaldi

FORME wants to launch a national project for the creation of cheese routes as a tourism and development opportunity. The main protagonists will be territories, PDO and local cheeses from Bergamo, the Cheese Valleys and Lombardy. The goal is to include the dairy sector in tourist itineraries, by organising visits to dairies and production sites, including mountain pastures, by promoting the knowledge and use of cheese in restaurants and by pointing out the link with territories and the artistic/cultural heritage. The Bergamo Venetian Walls, UNESCO heritage, will be another topic that will be discussed.

21st November 2020 at 2.30 pm

Transhumance as Unesco heritage

speaker Michele Corti

  • Transhumance as a traditional practice that has determined important relationships between communities, social rituals and ecosystems, following the semi-natural sheep tracks and the rhythm of the seasons.
  •  Alpfoodway: The main role of cheese in the Alpine food habits and economy, its importance for the preservation of mountain environment, production and maturation practices, consumption rituals, knowledge, know-how and landscapes. Cheese as a fundamental element of cultural identity and Alpine lifestyle.
21st November 2020 at 5.00 pm

Human and planetary healt. Starting from food.

speaker Giuseppe Remuzzi
in collaboration with Mario Negri Institute

An opportunity to explore the complex relationships between people, territory and food and to deepen the connections between climate change and health. The discussion will be focused on the different scenarios that can prevent and mitigate the effects of global warming and promote agriculture, in order to face demographic and epidemiological challenges.
This conference is related to the Italian Institute for Planetary Health – IIPH, in collaboration with Mario Negri Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, with the participation of V.I.T.H.A.L.I. (Value in Health Technology and Academy for Leadership and Innovation). The aim is to promote innovation and health services research.