From 17 to 20 October 2019

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Five conferences from March 28th to May 21st 2019

Five conferences, five amazing journeys into the world of cheese.
History, philosophy, geography, literature and poetry, in search of the profound meaning of a food that has accompanied humanity for millennia and which has been defined as “the rush of milk towards immortality “.
Free participation while seats last.

World Cheese Awards

This is the most important global event for the cheese industry, which for 31 years has been attracting the world’s finest cheeses, where producers, suppliers, buyers, consumers and food critics celebrate tradition, innovation, talent and passion.

18-20 October
Promoberg, Fiera Bergamo


At Promoberg – Fiera Bergamo, 17 and 18 October will be given over entirely to promoting relationships between the dairy industry and distributors. The 200 selected exhibitors – encompassing producers, seasoners and packaging specialists – will come face-to-face with buyers from the national and international large-scale distribution, supermarket, normal trade, purchasing group and HO.RE.CA sectors.

17-18 October
Promoberg, Fiera Bergamo

Cheese Festival

At the Fiera di Bergamo expo hub, inside the pavilion playing host to the World Cheese Awards, a major showcase for the art of cheesemaking will be put in place. The festival, which will be open to the public, will take in 6000m2 of stands featuring ONAF expert-led tastings and an exhibition-cum-market – with plenty of information on pairing with complementary products such as beer, wine, preserves and honey – as well as gourmet stands and information points run by the major institutions.

18-20 October
Promoberg, Fiera Bergamo

And the winner is…

On display will be examples of cheesemaking excellence from around the world, in the form of the winners of the 31 previous World Cheese Awards. The exhibition, staged in the time-honoured Palazzo della Ragione, will celebrate the cheese that wins the 2019 World Cheese Awards alongside a “historic” Italian cheese, Montébore, chosen by Leonardo Da Vinci for the wedding of Isabella d’Aragona and Gian Galeazzo Sforza in Tortona in 1489. This is an homage to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci to mark the 500th anniversary of his death.

19-20 October
Palazzo della Ragione

Market in the piazza: the Cheese Valley. Bergamo UNESCO Creative City

In the colonnaded loggia of Palazzo della Ragione, there will be an exhibition-cum-market open to the public, showcasing the cheesemaking prowess of the “Cheese Valley” – the project that will see Bergamo, alongside the provinces of Lecco and Sondrio, putting itself forward as a candidate for the status of UNESCO Creative City.

19-20 October
Palazzo della Ragione

“Buono come il formaggio” Gala evening

To the sound of original music, there will be a charity fund-raising event to support research and voluntary work.

19 October

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